10 Steps to Fill your Cup.

10 Steps to Fill your Cup.

This week it is all about Filling your Emotional and Energetic Cup and how to keep it full. For me this means feeling genuinely happy, like you can’t get that smile off your face. It means being able to be there for others and not feel like you will break in the process.

It’s so easy in business, in life to be on that hamster wheel getting from one day to the next without getting a moment to really enjoy what we are doing. Last week I really took the time to notice how differently my son, my loved ones and even strangers reacted to me when my mood was lifted.

When was the last time that you noticed how people respond to your moods?

Once we start to understand that the day we have is in direct relation to how we show up, it really makes us take a bit more responsibility for our part in the day. Was she really being an arsehole or was it you? Hmm that made you stop & think 😝

Are you depleted?

I feel a bit like a broken record with this one, but have you actually taken the time to notice that your cup is empty? Like anything, feeling depleted can creep its way into our energy space without us really noticing. 

Sit for a moment and ask, is my cup FULL today? Was it yesterday? Was it last week?

An odd day here and there is normal! But if you’re saying yes a few times a week it’s time to get filling that cup.

Feeling Depleted

Time to fill your cup

There is only one way to fill your cup. You have to KEEP filling it!! Having once a month or even once a week dribbles will keep you feeling depleted so let’s shift that up with 10 steps.

  1. Admit your cup is not full! ~ Hi I’m Leina and my cup is only partially filled.
  2. STOP feeling guilty about spending time on you.
  3. Get your favourite playlist and turn it up (here’s one you might LOVE ❤️)
  4. LOUDER.
  5. LOUDER.
  6. Start moving your body.
  7. Start singing.
  8. LOUDER.
  9. Smile. When we are smiling it is very difficult to feel flat.
  10. Now you’re in that state, write down 10 things that you love to do.

Turn the music up

10 things you love to do

This list is GOLD, your gold, and you get to visit it anytime you need your cup filled. Not your kids, not your husband, not your family, not your friends, this is for YOU.

If anything on your list looks even slightly like a ‘should’, burn it.

Close your eyes and think about each item on the list with your eyes closed, imagine you’re doing it right now. Every single item needs to light you up and make you smile. 

Schedule it in!!

Tuesday Tips are designed specifically for ACTION. The number one difference between those that achieve and those that don’t is action. Take your list and book them all now.

WHAT are you waiting for?? Get that music turned up loud, that booty moving and book them ALL in.

It can be for today, this week, this month or this year.

This is YOUR cup, your adventure. You get to choose.

You get to decide that your cup needs to be full FIRST.

Schedule it

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Tuesday Tips. The greatest gift you could give me and my business is sharing this content with someone who you think might appreciate it. Thank you in advance, I really appreciate it ❤️

See you next week!

Forever learning, forever evolving,

Leina x

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What a totally delightful reminder not to feel guilty about giving back to ourselves. The guilt is real sometimes!

Even though I am not a business owner, I am still a professional working women, colleague, partner, friend, sister and an individual person – your articles, tips and story-telling still ring true for me professionally and personally.

I really appreciate your writing and story telling style – it is genuine and authentic. Enough to make me feel like I can hear your voice while I’m reading through the article. Your energy shines through, and gives me a renewed sense of invigoration.


Hi Leina, I wanted to tell you how much we all miss you at L&F. I’m glad you’re well and happy and l’m looking forward to all the magic you will bring into our lives down the track. I think you’re amazing and a real inspiration to all women, young and old (me) lol. I wish you the very best for all your future ventures and l can’t wait to see them manifest. Thank you for being you
Kindest regards

Karen Thornton

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