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3 Simple Steps to Getting Unstuck

Getting unstuck, it’s such a funny term and feels almost grammatically incorrect.

Get unstuck…

Should it be get free instead? Yes, on a good day, but when you are in it there is something about the word stuck that beautifully describes that physical sensation of feeling stuck in the mud, unable to move forward. 

So is it an emotion or a real thing? It’s both. Let’s explore.

How do you get unstuck?

As you know I like to keep things simple and 3s are something that work for my brain. Like body-mind-soul, Live-Love-Learn, and wine-cheese-friends!!

So let’s look at 3 steps to help you get unstuck.

Step 1. Recognise that you are stuck

Step 1: Recognise that you are stuck

This seems like an obvious step, but often we can fall into a space of being suspended in time  without even realising it (just like the Hanged Man, for those of you that speak in tarot cards 🙂). For me, being stuck shows up in a few different ways.

  • Nothing I seem to be doing is gaining momentum
  • I am looping trying the same things with minimal gains (think marketing strategy)
  • A general feeling of ‘meh’

For someone who literally bounces out of bed everyday like Tigger, ‘meh’ means it’s that time of the month or something needs to change.

When we flip the idea that getting stuck is holding us back but instead a message for us to shift things up, recognising you are stuck becomes an ‘aha’ moment.

Step 2: Get Specific

Step 2: Get Specific

Much like if we can measure it we can manage it, if we can get specific we can make change.

When we are stuck it can be difficult to get clarity on what is going on. It can often feel like a pile up of everything. But it’s not everything that gets us stuck, that’s a generalisation and won’t help us get out of that mud pit. Being stuck starts with one thing that puts us in a stressed state and then everything else keeps stacking on top. Remember the term ‘stacks on’ to make a human pile up? That’s what we tend to do when we are stuck, we can’t even see the bottom of the pile.

You have all no doubt heard of the term flight or fight, it refers to when our bodies go into shock reacting to stress. But sometimes that shocked state can make us freeze, or get stuck. So if we understand that getting stuck is an emotional response to stress we can slow things down and make change.

So, what specifically is getting you stuck? Or making you feel stuck?

Take a moment to write down all the things that are causing you stress and I want you to rate them 1-10 on the stress scale. 1 being it’s ok to 10 being a rage of fire burns within me when I think of this.

In your list, can you notice that not all stress pokers are equal?

Step 3: Do ONE thing

Step 3: Do ONE thing

Find one thing that will help pull you out of the mud pit. Not all the things, one thing that will help move you forward. I know that if you’re here, you’re probably an overachiever and just finished writing a list of 10 things. Firstly Bravo! I see you ❤️ Now, pick one thing that will help you move forward.

You have a nerf gun aimed at your head by your five year old, you need to make a choice!

Choose ONE thing. 

It could be as simple as asking for help, it could be as simple as breathing to slow down.

It could be as simple as reminding yourself that if business was easy everyone would be doing it!

Action Steps for this week

  • What is one thing that you can do this week that will help you get unstuck?

It might be huge or tiny, you get to choose your own adventure, this is your life and your business. Just make sure it’s an action and not just a thought.

  • What is one thing you can give yourself a high five for?

And I want you to really feel it. Jump up and high five your other hand and yes heck yes!! We are so quick to give ourselves a hard time about where we are but somehow we forget to give ourselves praise. We need it.

Remember, if you’re here and you’re open to learning and growing, you’re already moving forward. You've got this ❤️

Forever learning, forever evolving,

Leina x

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