Are you ready for change?

Are you ready for change?

Change is simple but it isn’t always easy - Mel Robbins.

The strange thing with change is that once we have taken the time to recognise which area of our lives is lacking or needs attention, we want to take immediate action, but life isn’t always that straight forward. We have mortgages, families, responsibilities and may not have the financial net we need.

So how do you know if you are ready for change?

How do you know if you are ready for change?

6 simple questions to ask

Before jumping into these questions make sure you are very clear on why you are making change and what specifically needs change. Run through the 8 Domains of happiness first for clarity. If you are not clear, do NOT pass go!! Head back and spend some time there first.

Once you are clear, assessing where you are emotionally, physically and financially are crucial for working out if you are ready. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make change, it may just mean you have found your gap of what needs to happen first.

  1. What is my risk tolerance?
  2. What is my plan B?
  3. Do I have the necessary tools, resources and skills to make the change?
  4. Who else does it affect?
  5. What will happen if I make the change?
  6. Is the timing fixed?

What is my risk tolerance?

Understanding your risk tolerance is crucial. Understanding the level of risk required for each aspect of change is crucial. What if your plan of starting a new career falls to sh!#? Are you prepared to play hard out to make sure it happens? Are you prepared to study after hours if there are things you need to learn? Are you ok if you have to take a pay cut?

Huge rewards and opportunity lie on the other side of change but it doesn’t always go exactly to plan. How would you cope? 

What is your risk tolerance for change?

What is my Plan B?

Always have a plan B, always. Having a plan B improves your risk tolerance. Make your plan B something that can also be implemented quickly. If you are at a leadership level, heading back to your original career path may not be quick. The higher the role, the longer the process for hiring becomes.

Make your plan B something like packing shelves after hours at Woolworths or some consulting you may already do. A Plan B gives you time and a safety net so that you can follow through on the change.

Having a plan B for change

Tools, Resources & Skills for Change

Don’t you love the failed cafes where the owners have never had any experience in hospitality yet still believed it was a good idea to throw their life savings into a coffee dream without the necessary skills? The dream ends with ridiculous hours tied to a business they no longer love, barely pulling profit.

Make sure this isn’t you…

Again this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow your dreams, you absolutely should! But make sure you know your skill & resource gap and fill it first. If you want to own a cafe, get a weekend job in a cafe, get Barista training, watch endless hours of youtube to learn how to go about it.

If you want to change your career and are prepared to take a pay cut, make sure you know your numbers. Money is the number one player when it comes to resources. If you don't have the money right now, it doesn't mean you can't make a plan to make sure you do.

Knowing your GAP is empowering and exciting... if you let it.

Acquire the skills to support your change

Who else does the change affect?

If your grand plans affect others (partner, kids, family) in your world, this is not just for you to decide. You need your crew on board. TALK TO THEM, assume nothing, make the plan for change together. If they are not on board, turn your frustration / anger / disappointment into curiosity.

  • What specifically is it about the change that worries you?
  • Is there something I haven’t considered about the change?
  • Is there a way in which you could get excited about the change?
  • I really want to make the change, do you have alternative ideas?

They might surprise you with an angle that you hadn’t considered. A gap that you didn’t see. Maybe you can work through the gap together or even come up with a better plan.

Who else does the change affect?

What will happen if I make the change?

Take a moment to really feel the sensations in your body when you think about not making the change. 

If you don’t change your career, how will you feel in a month? In 6 months? In a year? Thinking about a timeline may give you additional insights to how long you have before you must make changes.

Now, take a moment to really feel the sensations in your body when you think about making the change

What is possible? Does it get you excited beyond belief? What doors could open? Where could it take you? This is your opportunity to drop into that state of dreaming without borders.

Are your timing expectations fixed?

Is the timing fixed?

Ah timing, that old chestnut. This is the one that trips us up.

Ready to launch a new business and you have zero customers or following? Will it be an overnight success? Possibly… but there is a good chance it may take 12-18 months. Is this within your risk tolerance?

Does your consulting business need to make more than your current salary within 3 months? Yes of course it’s possible, but it’s also a huge amount of pressure to put yourself under! Is there another way?


There are a million different ways to make your dreams come true so take the time to make sure you are not setting yourself up to fail. Go through the 6 questions with an honest and open heart. Keep your abundant dream approach right beside you and find out what the GAP is.

Become the Creative Director

You are the Creative Director of your life, you get to design it.

Get curious, get excited.


I hope you enjoyed this blog about change. 

The greatest gift you could give me and my business is sharing this content with someone who you think might appreciate it. Thank you in advance, I really appreciate it ❤️

Forever learning and evolving,

Leina x

Leina Broughton

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