Get Clarity To Cut The Stress

Get Clarity To Cut The Stress

"It's a lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration. Those emotions are poison to any living goal." Steve Maraboli

The more specific we can become about our challenges, the quicker we are able to work through them. The more specific we can become about our goals, the simpler they become.

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This time of year, although filled with sparkle and cheer, can be extremely stressful. It seems that the looming date of the festive holidays creates an end of the world energy. Deadlines are overpacked and customers go into panic mode.

How are you feeling? - ‘Stressed and exhausted, I have so much going on.’

It makes sense, your brain is completely overloaded with everything flying around. The feeling of stress and overwhelm comes from us looking at hundreds of moving parts and wondering how on earth we will be able to get to it all. Stop it, you won’t.

Cut the stress

Take a moment to calm yourself down

Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths, feel your body letting go and dropping into the ground, feel your body get heavier and heavier. Deep breath in and a long sigh out.

While you are in this state of calm, notice all the things spinning around you or in your head.

As you are in this calm state, you are able to notice that many of these stressful things are not important, dust them away, they don’t need to be here.

Can you notice which ones are important? 

Is one bigger than the others? Can you reduce it anymore?

As you maintain your calm state and you notice as much as you can about these stressful aspects.

What can you do to reduce the energy around them?

Is there anything else you can do?

Take a few more calm and deep breaths and allow the ideas to come to you.

Notice the difference in sensation of stress in your body. Notice the sensation of calm.

Time Out

- - - 

This state of calm is available to you at any time that you feel stressed or overwhelmed. All you have to do is remember how to calm your nervous system and get clarity on the chaos. Breathe.

Allowing yourself time

When you are in a state of stress, it may not be the best time to start dreaming and imagining. What you create at this time may come out of a state of desperation, that’s not what you want to manifest.

Give yourself time, if you trust in the universe you know that there will always be time.

First things first, work on getting super clear with what is stressing you right now, rather than an overall feeling of stress, these are very different things.

Allow yourself time

Inspired Action for right now

  1. Go back and do the process, calm the farm and get clear
  2. Write down as many ideas as you can to reduce stress in your key areas
  3. Write down 10 more ideas, google is your idea friend!
  4. Smile and acknowledge how clarity is shifting where you are.
  5. Go and buy yourself some huge big tacky Christmas earrings and some bright red lipstick. You will be amazed with how many smiles and festive interactions you will create ❤️

Spread the Christmas cheer

Remember stress is simply a state of mind.

Clarity is a game changer!


I hope you enjoyed this week’s Tuesday Tips. Please feel free to share this content with someone who you think might appreciate it ❤️

See you next week!

Leina xx

Leina Broughton - Mindset Blogger
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