How do you know when to make changes?

How do you know when to make changes?

In a super fast digital paced world it can feel like everything is changing around you at warp speed but how much of that change are you taking control of? When we understand how to recognise that change is needed we can work out the best path forward.

Recognise what needs change


How to recognise when change is needed

Your happiness, your fulfilment. Such a simple and straightforward gauge. Your intuition doesn’t lie. (Click here to find out how to recognise your ego vs your intuition)

There are 8 key domains that I believe shape our lives and happiness. They all feed into each other and impact the other but the more that we can differentiate between each domain, the more we can work out where to send our energy.

8 Domains of Happiness

Look at each of these domains and ask yourself the very simple question: How happy and fulfilled am I in this area of my life?


Think about your current career. Do you enjoy your job as well as the company you work for? Do you get excited thinking about being in the same career in 5 years? Are you challenged and continuing to learn?


This is your liquid (cash) and fixed assets. Are you in a position where you can navigate change without this being the number one consideration?


This covers 3 key areas; How you move, How you fuel and your Self Image.


Your emotional wellbeing and your mindset. Being able to enjoy each day and having resilience to cope with curveballs.


This is your sanctuary, does it feel that way?


We all need this. How often do you laugh? How often do you plan adventure?


How are your relationships with friends and family? Do they lift you up or pull down?



Being able to have intimacy with someone special is so important, is your cup full?


Our mind plays games on us

One of the key things to do when we notice that we may be feeling out of whack is to really take the time to break down where we may be feeling off. For instance if we have stopped moving our bodies and are eating foods that don’t energise us we can quickly feel emotionally deflated as we have lost the fuel required to feel good.

Mind Games

Go back over the 8 domains and this time close your eyes to check in and see which area of life may need your attention. Which domain feeds into another? Are you clear on what area needs change?

Drill down

By now you may have noticed where you may be feeling lack and what domain may need some change, now what? Drill down.

Drill Down

This is where you get to go more granular in the specific domains to uncover what is truly going on.

As each domain shows up in your day to day, ask the questions;

  • What aspects am I happy with? 
  • What specifically is making me feel lack?
  • Is there something small I can do to change my current situation?

Take the time to notice all the aspects of each domain. It may not be huge monumental change that needs to etch you closer to overall happiness.

Micro changes before grand shifts

Change doesn’t have to be big! Sometimes the smallest adjustments can completely change our perception and position. For instance if you are thinking of bleaching your brunette hair to platinum blond, what is it you really want to change?

Small changes first

  • I want to create an eye catching new look
    • Try slicking your hair back to make your face pop
    • Try a super bold lip
    • Watch a make-up tutorial to change your style completely

The idea of dying your hair blond may sound completely superficial, but is it? Or is it an indication that you are ready for change? Maybe this is your micro change before applying for a new job. Remember You are the Creative Director of your Life, this is your adventure!!

Action Steps

Take a look at the 8 domains and ask yourself this simple question;

Am I happy and fulfilled in this area of my life?

Even though the answer may be no, you may not want to give it any attention and that’s ok, that is your call. But knowing which parts of your life may be less than AMAZING, allows you to make decisions that are clear and true.

If you are not happy with your home, is this true?

Or are you missing intimacy or fun? Is that what is missing in your home?

Take the time to decipher the code to get clear on what really needs your attention and possible change.


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