Introducing Zoe-Marie Photography

Introducing Zoe-Marie Photography

 This week talking all things Professional Bio Shots, it only felt natural and right to feature this Amazing Business, Zoe-Marie Photography. We met through our lovely boys Ari and Oliver as they were in prep together but it wasn't until last year that I actually had my first shoot with Zoe-Marie.

She has such an incredible way of capturing moments. I never think of photos as still shots, I always think the best photographers catch a moment that you were busy enjoying, they become a beautiful memory.

I knew that my beloved dog, Scratch was nearing his time and that we would soon move from Palm Beach so I wanted to get some beautiful shots to look back on. Scratch passed away 6 months later, I miss him terribly and being able to look at the photos of him caught as an old man fill my heart and my teary eyes!

My family

Zoe-Marie has already promised me she is all good to come and chat on my upcoming podcast, Love Business (hopefully launching November!!) but this will give you a little bit of background and also some more HOT TIPS for getting ready to get professional bio shots done.

This is Zoe ❤️

Zoe-Marie Photography

When did you start your photography business?

I started dabbling on the side around 8 years ago. It started quite naturally with friends asking me to take photos and loving the results. But it wasn't until this year that I decided to go full-time.

What was the turning point to go full-time?

People always say, you'll know when the time is right. I was waiting for the right time and if I waited a year I would have more time with my daughter starting school. But the time was right, it's true, I just knew it. And there is no looking back, I've been booked out and I absolutely love it.

Why Photography?

I've always loved documenting life in general. I just I love to document everything. I was the one taking photos all the time, at home, with my friends even when we started hitting the nightclubs.

When I studied in England, I was focusing on video and film but something kept drawing me to photography, I just love picking up the camera.

We don't always remember all the moments in our lives or our memories fade. I love how you can find an old photo and all of a sudden it takes us back. Whether it's a relative that you no longer see, or someone that is no longer with us or it's your children and they grow so fast, you can barely remember them being that size.

It's no longer just about getting the photo either, it's about creating the art. We can all take photos but when we go that further stage with the printing, the framing, we're creating a piece of art, I love it.

What advice do you have for getting professional photos taken?

I always talk to my clients before we shoot because it's important that I know about you and what you are wanting to achieve in the photos. I like to send through a questionnaire too so that I know any specific details. So, if you are working with a photographer, make sure you're able to talk to them before the day so you're on the same page.

Some people feel very natural in front of the camera and for others it can be quite daunting. It is much easier to feel comfortable if we are taking the photos somewhere you are comfortable and doing something that you like to do. I feel that finding the right space like your home or work environment makes a big difference

Doing something you like could be your work, your hobby or your craft, getting you to do that and then I can capture that results in very natural shots. Every now and then I'll get you to have a look straight into the lens and smile.

Also as women, having make-up done or hair styled can also add to making you feel comfortable. Feeling at ease is the best way to prepare for a photoshoot.

Where are you based?

I am based in South-East Queensland and I'm happy to do shoots between Brisbane and Byron. Outside of that area there is a travel fee. I have also just opened up some Mini-Sessions slots in time for Christmas. If you are interested, make sure you DM me! They're filling up quickly ❤️

Zoe-Marie PhotographyZoe-Marie Photography



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