Is It All Just Lip Service?

Is It All Just Lip Service?


Everyday we run into people painting pictures of happiness and progress. Whether it is our friends, family or even those we follow on social media. They share stories of success, of things falling perfectly into place. However, the action or results that we see are often very different to what we hear.

The friend who tells us constantly that they are great but they stay stuck in a shitty job.

Or the friend who tells us they are happy in love, yet they let that person talk to them with disregard.


Is it you?

Saying you’re great but in fact you’re on the edge of completely breaking down?

True belief prompts action, not just words.

True belief prompts action

So, where do we start to see what is real?

Listen. It’s in your words, it’s in your emotions.

When no-one is looking, are you still a bouncing bundle of joy? Or are you secretly hoping for a magic wand to come in and wave away this gritty patch.

When things are tough it is a societal response to say ‘Everything is great, I’m so busy!’

Is it great? Are you busy?

Or are you stuck?

It can be hard to open up to others so the first place we need to start being really honest is with ourselves. Take the morning off work, pick up that journal and start unraveling what is happening within, start digging and asking yourself ‘What’s really going on?’

Take the morning off and start journaling

Your life is a mirror of your beliefs

This is a big one. This is where the path of responsibility and change shows up.

Take a moment to look around you, what do you see? What reality has your belief system painted for you?

What about your home, is it the haven you've always wished for?

If not, it's crucial to question why. Are limiting beliefs standing in the way of your ideal home?

What about your intimate relationships, are they sources of joy and mutual respect?

Your life is a mirror of your beliefs.

This isn’t an opportunity to start getting down on yourself, this is an opportunity to get really honest with yourself. It’s time to look at changing your beliefs. To move from lip service to true action and follow through.

Your life is a reflection of your beliefs

The Mirror Test

The mirror test is a great way to find the gap from where you are today and where you are headed.

  1. Stand alone in front of a mirror and say, "I believe in you."
  2. Notice what happens as you say this. Do you feel unwavering belief or a little discomfort?
  3. If unwavering belief shows up, say “Thank you, I love you!” and move on with that incredible energy in your day.
  4. If a little doubt or discomfort shows up, get curious, ask why…
  5. Listen, ask more.

What's the true voice inside?

A feeling of not being good enough

During the Mindvalley event in Dubai this year, I was lucky enough to be almost front row with the incredible Hypnotherapist and Thought Leader Marisa Peer. I sat upright thinking that her discussion around “Not good enough” didn’t apply to me, my beliefs are unwavering! 

About 10 minutes in, she challenged us to think of a goal or desire we strongly wished for but hadn't yet achieved. For me, this was the aspiration of speaking at large events as a keynote speaker.

Marisa pointed out that if you're not where you aspire to be, it's because deep down you believe you are not good enough.

Mic drop!

Holy sugar, who knew that this was lying beneath for me. She was spot on. I didn’t think I was good enough. This deep honesty allowed me to then dig deeper. I asked myself;

‘Why don’t you think you’re good enough?’

My conscious mind replied:

Because I don’t have a tight message which I can articulate with style and connection, I talk too quickly, my mind races.

My higher self replied:


Far out, the answers were there all along, I just hadn’t asked the right questions.

Marisa Peer Dubai 2023

Belief and Work Go Hand in Hand

True, deep-seated self-belief requires continuous work. Just when you think you've done enough, there's usually more to learn, more to improve. This reality applies across all facets of life, whether it's in business, personal relationships, or self-improvement.

No one else can do it for you.

Your life reflects your beliefs.

If there's an area where you're not performing as desired, it's likely because of a disconnect between your self-perception and your aspirations. Remember, being 'not there yet' isn't a final destination; it's merely a point in your journey.

Get honest, let go of lip service.

Show up, do the work.

Again and again.

You’ve got this, I believe in you.

The only person you need is you.


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