Limitless Learning

Limitless Learning

Why the 'I Can't' Mindset will hold you back

Learning is the gateway to a fulfilled life where anything and everything is possible. The only thing that stands in the way of learning is, YOU. What you believe you are capable of is what you will be able to learn to grow and expand your skills.

Let’s look at how you can change your perspective on learning.

the block to learning is us

The metaphorical block to learning

Have you ever heard yourself saying “I can’t do…” or “I don’t do…” or “I’m terrible at…”?

This is when we start constructing a metaphorical wall to what we believe we are able to learn. They become limiting beliefs which hold us back from learning. In my mentoring sessions there are a few that I have heard on numerous ocassions;

  • I’m terrible with money, I don’t understand the numbers
  • I don’t do digital or marketing
  • I can’t do graphics

None of these are true, unless of course we add the word ‘yet’ at the end!

All of these things are very simple learning aspects which Google will happily help us learn, but for some reason we put up that metaphorical wall and block the energy to being open to learning a new part of your business.

Breaking down the metaphorical wall

There is one clear way to start breaking down that wall, watch your language!

On a daily basis we are pumping out can’ts and don’ts all over the shop. Whether you are saying it out loud or internally it has the same effect. Your subconscious mind doesn’t differentiate between fact and fiction, so if you start feeding it your limiting beliefs it will simply believe you.

Each time you catch your language, stop yourself and say out loud ‘That’s not true.’

Switch out your dialogue to give yourself the opportunity to be open.

Try saying ”I'm open to learning and I know my potential is limitless.”

How do you break a wall down? One brick at a time.

Break down that metaphorical wall, one brick at a time

Turn fear into curiosity

Often what lives underneath our metaphorical walls is fear. Yep, that ole chestnut - the fear of not being good enough. What if we try to learn and we still don’t get it? A scenario which would be way worse, is what if you let your fear hold you back and in five years time you are in exactly the same place? Now that’s scary!!

Fear is not a space or opportunity for you to start talking down to yourself and letting your self doubt walk in. Fear is a doorway to show you what you don’t yet know, it shows you where you have more to learn. Every time you feel fear coming up, try flipping that fear into curiosity.

Let’s try giving this a go.

‘I’m terrible with money.’

What about switching this out to say;

‘I wonder what old scenarios have happened to make me believe that?'

'What do I need to let go of?’

‘Is there a free course that might help me change this? Or a podcast or book?’

The more you start to recognise when fear pops up, the more quickly you can shift it into curiosity.

Learn how to turn your fear into curiosity

Learning builds a lifetime of possibility

Every amazing thing that we have ever done or will ever do is a result of our ability to learn new things.

Becoming a Mum felt like an impossibility ~ until I realised that everyday I’m learning and every day I get to be part of this kids world.

Facebook advertising felt like a maze with no exit ~ until I discovered there are metaphorical windows and peep holes everywhere. Now I can run through that maze with ease and grace!

Learning creates a lifetime of possibility

Learning is a limitless tool, and you get to decide how limitless you want to be.

Start opening your eyes to the walls you've constructed and begin smashing them down!

Remember, every time you say "I can't," challenge that thought. Replace it with "I can't...yet." Turn that fear into curiosity and see it as an opportunity to grow and learn.

You're more capable than you think!

You’ve got this ❤️


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