Rejection is Protection: Shift your perception

Rejection is Protection: Shift your perception

Rejection is one of the toughest things to deal with in life. It can bring up feelings of disappointment, frustration, and sometimes even anger. Whether it's a job we didn't get, a relationship that ended, or a dream that didn't come true, rejection can shake our confidence and make us question ourselves.

Rejection is protection

But what if we were to change the way we view rejection? What if we saw it not as a setback, but as protection from the universe?

The concept of "rejection is protection" is all about recognising that sometimes the things we think we want may not be the best thing for us. By accepting that rejection is a form of protection, we can start to reshape our perception and reaction to disappointment, and find peace in knowing that the universe has our best interests at heart.


Understanding the Concept of Rejection is Protection

 The idea behind "rejection is protection" is that the universe is always working to guide us to our highest good. When we're faced with rejection, it's easy to see it as a personal failure or a missed opportunity. However, when we step back and look at the big picture, we can see that rejection can often be a blessing in disguise.

The universe has our backs

For example, let's say you applied for a job that you were really excited about. You go through the interview process and feel confident that you're the right fit for the position. But when you find out you didn't get the job, you're disappointed and feel like you failed.

But what if that job wasn't meant for you?

What if the universe had something better in store for you that you haven't even considered yet?

Rejection is a way for the universe to steer us in the right direction, away from things that aren't meant for us and towards things that are. This can be hard to see in the moment, but by embracing the idea that rejection is protection, we can start to find comfort and peace in disappointment.


The Benefits of Believing in Rejection is Protection

When we embrace the concept of rejection as protection, we open ourselves up to a whole new world of possibility. Here are some of the benefits of this mindset:

  • Increased Courage and Resilience

When we believe that the universe is always guiding us to our highest good, we can show up with more courage and resilience. We know that no matter what happens, the universe has our back. This can help us overcome our fears and pursue our dreams with more confidence, knowing that rejection is just a step towards something better.

Increase your courage and resilience

  • Shifting our Perception of Opportunity

Many of us have a limited view of opportunity, believing that there are only a certain number of chances in life. But when we believe rejection is protection, we start to see that opportunities are all around us, and that the universe is always providing us with new chances to grow and succeed.


Into the unknown

  • Finding Peace in Disappointment

Rejection can be a tough pill to swallow, but by embracing the idea that rejection is protection, we can find peace in disappointment. We know that even though things didn't go our way this time, it's just a step towards something better. This can help us move on from disappointment more quickly and with more grace. 

Increase opportunity

 Rejection can be scary because it often means entering the unknown. But when you believe that the universe always has your back and will never deliver us anything we can’t handle, everything changes.

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