The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

It’s Thursday Thrive and time for a book recommendation. This week the book is The Law of Attraction by Esther & Jerry Hicks. This is one that I encourage you to approach with an open mindset and go for the audio book.

You may have come across Esther Hicks through Insta reels without knowing. Her voice and sayings are featured regularly. She is a channeller who brings through the voice of Abraham, who is a group of non-physical energies. For any of you who are new to the 'woo', this one requires an open perspective and a curious mindset.

How I discovered Esther Hicks

I had watched a few videos with Esther channelling Abraham maybe 10 years ago and honestly I couldn’t take it seriously, it felt fake and put on, but for some reason this year I was pulled to give the book the Law of Attraction a go.

Even before I knew it, the universe was getting me ready for big change and knowing how to navigate it. Have you ever had that where a book comes on your path and you think holy sh*! Where have you been all my life? This book is it for me. I have only recommended this one to my very open and spiritual friends but I get the feeling that if you’re here, you’re up for it too.

Straight after devouring the audio book, I had to buy the physical book to have the energy always in my home. That may sound crazy, but since leaving my business I have started spending a LOT of time in our public libraries and there really is something to be said for sitting amongst the great writers and creating, it energises me.

Esther Hicks The Law of Attraction Book Review

What I love about this book

It teaches you the skill of Manifesting.

This book covers how to combine the Law of Attraction, the science of Deliberate Creation and the Art of allowing. Understanding that your energy counts (attraction), that you must ask deliberately for what you want (deliberate creation) and you must allow others to take their own path (allowing). I must admit that I am still very much in training with the true art of allowing but I can see it and know this is where I need to get to work.

If like me, you take a listen (maybe try a youtube video first) and think, this is cray cray, please persist. After listening to this book, it dawned on me that it would be impossible for a normal human being to be able to connect and deliver this amount of information and I'm ok with that being a mystery I don't truly understand. I no longer even think about the channelling, I simply connect completely to the messages.

Through questions from Jerry Hicks to Abraham (Esther Hicks) everything you can possibly imagine is covered about manifesting. It makes it so real to understand that we truly are the Masters of our own Lives and we can decide at any stage that we want more and how to go about it.

The Art of Manifesting

Where to buy it

Available on Amazon

Available on Apple Books

Does manifesting work?

Yes. Yes. YES

Does it happen in the time frame that we want? Often, no.

Does it work without doing anything else? NO.

The skill of manifesting is much like the Your Dream Life Starts Here book I shared last week. It is about being able to dream without limitations for what you want in your life but like everything it takes practice. When we open our minds to the possibility of what could be, we kick start our imaginations and as cheesy as it sounds, our hearts. From there we can see what truly lights us up and then put in place a plan.

There is so much more that I want to share with you about manifesting and creating a compelling future but for this week, I hope you buy the book and get a bit of ‘woo-spiration'. 

Woo Inspiration


I hope you enjoyed this week’s Thursday Thrive. The greatest gift you could give me and my business is sharing this content with someone who you think might appreciate it. Thank you in advance, I really appreciate it ❤️

See you next week!

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