The Power of Beliefs

The Power of Beliefs

“Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve.” – Napoleon Hill. 

Absolute fact.

Beliefs are created once we do the work to build confidence. They are the leaders in our life and help carry us towards or away from our goals and dreams. We all have them but often we haven’t taken the time to connect with them.

Types of Beliefs

Beliefs can be broken into 2 very clear categories, they can either empower or disempower you and both are equally powerful. Belief is a state of mind where we believe that something is true, we hold them so close to ourselves that sometimes we don’t know they are there.

The Power of beliefs

Here are 5 examples of empowering beliefs;

  • I am confident in any situation
  • The universe always has my back
  • I always land on my feet
  • I am lovable
  • Good things happen to me

Here are 5 examples of disempowering beliefs and are also known as limiting beliefs;

  • Bad things always happen to me
  • I’m terrible with money
  • I have no confidence
  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m not young enough

Are you consciously aware of your empowering beliefs and your limiting beliefs?

How to access your beliefs

Grab your favourite notebook ~ beautiful paper and your favourite pen always make the creative brain smile 😍 is anyone else a stationery junkie?? ~ and draw yourself 2 columns. At the top of one write What I do well and at the top of the other one write What I struggle with.

How to access your beliefs

Everything that you have written in the column listed as ‘what I do well’, will become your empowering beliefs. Here are a few examples to show you how this works.

  • I am great at my job → Belief: I am skilled in my field
  • I have a beautiful husband → Belief: I am lovable and sexy (yes let’s add that!!)
  • I’m good at speaking → Belief: I am confident and engaging

Everything that you have written in the column listed as ‘what I struggle with, will become your limiting beliefs. Here are a few examples to show you how this works.

  • I’m struggling to get new customers → Limiting Belief: I don’t believe in myself or my offering
  • I hate networking → Limiting Belief: People don’t like me, I’m awkward
  • I don’t earn enough → Limiting Belief: I will never earn the money I want

Now these are a few extreme examples of limiting beliefs but I’ve done this on purpose, I wanted to show you how ridiculous they are. They are NOT true, but for some reason we allow ourselves to operate in this limiting belief system.

How to change your limiting beliefs

Proof. We need to build proof to convince our minds of the change.

If you keep showing your beautiful mind limiting patterns she will continue to believe them and will hold onto them tightly. You can change every single one of your limiting beliefs and if you’re here I know your overachieving soul will be chomping at the bit, but why don’t we just start off with one.

Now the thing with the mind is that she doesn’t need to experience or be shown the exact proof to change her belief, she needs to be told and gently coerced into the change. My mind can be my greatest inspiration but often she is like an annoying colleague who talks sh%! all day! It’s time to take control.

Let’s start with a fairly common limiting belief;

I’m terrible with money.

I have already shared with you The Law of Attraction book, but as I said in the review, manifesting on its own is not enough, you need to be able to believe it’s true and we need to start collecting that proof.

Collect proof to change your beliefs

We need to start collecting the proof daily in order for us to get rid of the limiting belief I’m terrible with money. Let’s shift that bullsh!% programming into a seriously empowering belief → I am a Master of Money with absolute financial prowess.

Are you ready?

Every single day you will be doing something to do with money and this gives you an opportunity to positively affirm that into your system.

  • Buying the groceries and you know how much avocados are? → Wow, I really do understand the economy, look at me becoming a Master of Money (high five yourself, mandatory 😉)
  • Having enough money to buy your favourite serum → Wow, I’m in a position to keep buying incredible face products, I am a Master of Money (high five yourself, mandatory 😉)
  • Winning a new customer → Wow, this is the beginning of my empire, building my customer base one at a time, I am a Master of Money & growth (high five yourself, mandatory 😉)

These may sound ridiculous, but it works. Each time you give your mind proof that you are able to become a Master of Money, it will start moving you towards this. The next thing you know, you will be picking up the Financial Review or looking at your own financials as you will have removed your fear of money and you will be open to learning.

Shifting your fear, shifts your limiting beliefs ~ Leina Broughton

Remember, the key is to not let your annoying colleague (your mind) jump in and say that’s not true, tell her we’re on quiet time and no talking is allowed.

Action the proof

The first step was to collect the proof and now we need to put it into action.

This is where daily practice comes into play, come on you can do this, I know you want to go for your dreams! I want your new empowering belief to be your focus for creation, write it at the top of a page everyday and underneath list out all the proof to show your mind this is achievable.

Deliberate Creation: I am a Master of Money with absolute financial prowess.

Proof examples: 

  • I have earned incredible money previously in my career, I am skilled in my field, I can now do this in my business
  • I understand the ebbs and flow of the economy (thank you avocados)
  • I have customers who love my business
  • I invest in me by reading and learning constantly

Everyday that you deliver the message of what you want and back it up with proof, your mind will start to believe it and you open up the door to allow change to happen.

Proof creates beliefs

Your beliefs are solid but not fixed

Your beliefs can absolutely frame and shape your future but the good news is that you get to change them. Use the process above to recognise what they are and then choose which ones need to be booted out the door so you can get on with your life.

Action Steps

So, what is one limiting belief that you can flip this week?

What is your new empowering belief?

It might be huge or tiny, you get to choose your own adventure.

But make sure it’s action fuelled and not just a nodding of the head, it’s time to put in the work and start making change, you’ve got this ❤️


I hope you enjoyed this week’s Tuesday Tips.

The greatest gift you could give me is sharing this content with someone who you think might appreciate it. Thank you in advance, I really appreciate it.

See you next week! Leina x

Leina Broughton | Motivational Mindset Speaker

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Another great article with simple, practical and clear language and messages. I like the framework of List > Challenge > Evidence > Action > Continue to challenge/Shift as needed.

This framework is applicable in a personal capacity as well. I am working on letting go of limiting beliefs or personal rules that no longer serve me or are just outdated. I’ll utilise this framework for some of that future work.


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