Tuning into your Intuition

Tuning into your Intuition


The definition of intuition is the ability to instinctively understand something without conscious reasoning. It is our subconscious kicking into gear to give us all the answers that we need. It is accessing a part of ourselves that knows us so well that the answers and directions are tailored specifically to the individual.

Your intuition is also known as your higher self, a sixth sense, your gut. Switched into the adjective intuitional, it means quick and ready insight (Merriam-Webster). So why is that so few of us prioritise how to connect with these messages?

Intuition Meaning

Recognising Ego vs Intuition

Think conscious (ego) - subconscious (intuition). Neither one is good or bad, they are both a part of all of us and they both play very important roles. The key is to understand each part and how to nurture them individually.

The Ego often gets a bad rap, but it is our connection to the external world. It helps you play out scenarios taking into consideration outside influences and people. Whereas your intuition is only concerned with what is right for you and shows you a very singular and straight forward answer as it is only for you.

For me, my ego has pushed me in business beyond my comfort zone and straight towards the material and recognition goals that I've had. I know that reaching a certain size in business or the things that I have collected are not part of my higher self but they are a big part of me and I choose to make them part of my world.

Your intuition on the other hand has one simple and pure purpose, to show you what you truly want. She doesn’t get caught up on how or consequences, her answers are soft and specific and there is no hiding once you listen.

Ego and intuition

Is my Ego or Intuition speaking?

Close your eyes for a moment and pause.

Within seconds there will be a familiar voice internally that appears. Possibly rambling and pondering about anything from what you have to do for the day to what someone thinks about you. This is your ego. Your ego is often the one to speak first and play out every scenario.

Your intuition is a little quieter and she always has a very straight forward answer. If you ask the right question, she will guide you with a simple yes or no. She knows what you truly need and desire and she knows that if you follow your heart you’ll always come out on top.

Here is a simple chart to differentiate your ego and intuition:

Ego vs Intuition

Why is your intuition so important?

Jump straight to the bottom line in the chart above. Your intuition is life changing. When there are major decisions to be made in your life, your intuition will never lead you astray.

This year when I made the huge decision to leave my business to pursue a new life, it was my intuition that guided me. I had returned early from a camping trip, the weather was miserable, I was exhausted and feeling lost. I sat on my yoga mat, not practising, not meditating, just looking at the view and I heard the most gentle voice ever. 

“I’m done.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing so I questioned the voice. Once again I heard the voice internally and so specifically saying “I’m done.”

There was no getting caught up on how or the logistics, my intuition told me clear as day that it was time for me to leave the business. I felt a calm sensation through my body and it was like the clouds parted and the sunshine came out. For the first time in months it all seemed so simple and straightforward.

Signs your ignoring your intuition

  1. You’re tired, you’re exhausted, you’re lost.
  2. Signs keep showing up, almost repeating
  3. Your mind is looping

Signs you are ignoring your intuition

When we listen and trust our intuition there is a different level of calm that flows in. This doesn’t mean that things are easy but there is an understanding that everything will be ok because you have made a decision that is so deeply connected with you.

Take a moment and think back over the last few months.

Are there any messages that came through for you?

If you’re anything like me, they probably sounded ridiculous and you thought whatever! As I’m writing this, we're travelling and I’ve been sharing lots of moments in my Insta stories. Two days ago I heard a message say “Imagine if you became a host on a travel show.” I smiled and giggled straight away. That would be amazing. The smiling giggle is a signal to me that the message could really be a direction, why not?

The exhaustion and looping is a sign that you are letting your ego take the reins, you need to get the mix back into balance. When was the last time that you sat and let the quiet voice come forward? 

How to tap into your intuition

Ask and listen.

It’s that simple but that doesn't mean it's easy.

Like anything amazing in life, it takes practice. Sit in your favourite place and take a few deep breaths to really calm your mind. Allow yourself to notice the sensations in your body as you start to slow down.

Is your heartbeat slower?

Is there a warmth over you?

Recognise the sensation of calm.

Recognising calm

Once you are in that state of calm, start off with some easy questions to understand the difference between your intuition and your ego;

  • Who do I love the most?

Your intuition will make you smile and show you who straight away. Maybe it's your kids, maybe your partner, your husband, best friends or maybe even your dog. There is a warmth and a simplicity to the response. Your ego may jump in and tell you who you should be thinking of. Justifying why they should be on the list. Can you hear or feel the difference?

  • Do I love where I am?

Your intuition will be a very simple yes or no. Your ego will start saying of course I am! I’m so lucky and privileged, again justifying the response. What came through for you? Can you hear or feel the difference?

The differences may be subtle to begin with, the more you ask, the more you listen, the more you will notice the difference. The next time you hear a crazy thought in your head, listen. Was the thought soft and curious or hard and forceful? Quite often I find that my intuition suggests things I would never think of but I always know it’s her because of the smile and giggle it creates.

Start noticing what it is for you. Your intuition may make you blush or make you take a gentle breath. Your ego might make you frown or bite your lip.

Be open to recognising the difference between the two and when each part is useful.

Action Steps

If you’re here, you’re probably connecting to the journey of change too. To figure out what is next for you. So let's try this very simple process.

I want you to sit in your favourite spot, take a few deep breaths, get into that state of calm and ask yourself:

“What do I want?”


The answer may be “I don’t know.”

The answer may be “Time to start a completely new chapter.”

The answer may not appear at all, but asking and listening will open up your mind. Look out for the tone of your internal voice and notice where it is coming from. Harsh, fast and looping is your ego. Soft, kind and loving is your intuition. Build the relationship with both parts and you will be amazed with what happens next.


I hope you enjoyed this week’s Tuesday Tips. The greatest gift you could give me is sharing this content with someone who you think might appreciate it. Thank you in advance, I really appreciate it ❤️

Leina x

Leina Broughton

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