Turn your fear into fuel

Turn your fear into fuel

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for you to thrive and to be inspired! This week I’ve got a podcast episode for you, 36 minutes of activated bliss.

How to Turn Your Fear into Fuel with Lisa Nichols.

(The Mindvalley Podcast with Vishen Lakhiani)

Introducing Lisa Nichols

If you haven’t already listened to Lisa Nichols, you’re welcome 😘 Lisa - yes we’re on a first name basis, well, we will be one day - is a phenomenal motivational speaker and she specialises in helping you to find your authentic self and your voice.

Her style is incredibly evangelical and activating. This episode is recorded at A-Fest, the sound is brilliant and the message is next level. She asks you to be present and active while listening and asks you to yell out yes, YES  in agreement and you can hear the audience also cheering.

Flipping Fear

This episode manages to completely flip your understanding of fear and turns it into a friend. Around 9 minutes 20 secs these nuggets drop from Lisa:

  • Fear is the thing that reminds you that you need to get more information!
  • Fear will keep you up all night studying!
  • Fear will lead you to a coach or a mentor!
  • Fear is the reminder that you have not arrived at the top of the mountain, you are still climbing with the rest of us!
  • Fear is not your enemy, fear is your friend!

What would you do if you let fear become a tool in your life?

Turn Fear into Fuel

The only way to listen

You may know by now that the style of content I love is active and this podcast is no different. The only way to listen to this podcast is in private where you are happy to yell out yes, YES as you go along. My favourite place for listening to this is in my car on a 36:47 minute journey. Listening to it loud, shouting along and then jumping out of the car with absolute solid gold energy.

Before you listen to this podcast, please promise me you’ll do this!

Activating your voice, activates your soul and activates the message!

Listen to it loud in your car

Who is this for?

This podcast is suitable for anyone who is open to rewriting their next chapter, for anyone who is willing to play hard out and for anyone who is open to being the activator!! Even as I write this review I can feel the inspirational energy of Lisa flowing through me, and guess what, it’s available for you too, just hit play!


Thursday Thrive is all about giving you an injection of inspiration and I hope that this episode with Lisa has you cheering and excited about what’s next, it’s a goodie.

The greatest gift you could give me and my business is sharing this content with someone who you think might appreciate it. Thank you in advance, I really appreciate it ❤️

See you next week! Leina x

Leina Broughton | motivational Speaker

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