Build your creative muscle with Imagination

Build your creative muscle with Imagination

Imagination is the engine that drives creativity, it  is a powerful tool that can help us break free from our limitations and transform our reality.

When we exercise our imagination regularly, we become more adept at generating unique and innovative solutions to problems, and at coming up with original ideas for art, literature, and other forms of expression. In this sense, imagination is like a muscle that, when developed and trained, can be harnessed to produce powerful and transformative results.

Are you ready to transform?

Change your style to bring in imagination

Explore colour to expand your imagination

Colour has the ability to shift your mood and expand your imagination in seconds ~ Leina Broughton

If we are feeling low or flat we often think of things being dark and grey or flat and monotone. When we shift our mood into an energised state we add colour and movement to the memory or subconscious.

The same principle applies to your imagination. Adding colours to your environment, your style or your view can bring bursts of happiness and when we elevate our mood and emotions our imagination comes in more freely.

Colour builds imagination

Here are 3 colour injection suggestions;

  1. Update the cushions on your favourite couch where you like to relax to bright and playful prints and colours. When you pick up a cushion repeat in your mind ‘I love the way colour ignites my soul.’
  2. Add a pop of colour into your outfit. If you love classic black styling, go for a bright and bold lip and watch how your smile changes and how people notice you.
  3. Change your view by visiting a modern art gallery. Head towards the brightest piece you can find and gaze into the colour and ask yourself ‘What is the colour I need right now?’

Every colour holds powerful insights and meaning.

You’re welcome in advance for opening up that rabbit hole!

The psychology behind colour

Imagine your imagination were virtual goggles

We want to start believing and knowing that our imagination is a tool, something we can literally pick up and use in any given moment. Here is a fun way to play with this concept.

What if your imagination is a pair of virtual reality goggles that transport you to entirely different worlds, where you can experience things that don't exist in the real world. When you put the goggles on they connect into your subconscious so that you can feel the textures and sensations of everything you are imagining.

What if your imagination was a pair of virtual goggles?

Grab your favourite sunnies and give this exercise a go.

  • Take a moment to sit down and allow your body to relax, close your eyes while holding your sunglasses in your hand.
  • As you slow your breath down, you automatically feel more deeply relaxed and feel at ease.
  • Pick up your sunglasses and put them on, keep your eyes closed.
  • While you are in this state of relaxation, imagine that you are opening your front door to the most incredible artist in the world, they are here to make a piece of art for you.
  • Guide them into your home, which room would you like the artwork to be in?
  • What size is the canvas you are giving them?
  • Is it a canvas or something else?
  • What colours are you handing them?
  • What style of artwork are they creating for you?

You can keep going with this exercise until you have a crystal clear vision of what you want.

You did it. You turned your imagination and your sunglasses into virtual reality goggles.

Try repeating the exercise with a different pair of glasses, what do you see this time?

Picture Books to expand your imagination

Grab one of those fabulous coffee books that you have collecting dust and making you look extra cool… Come on, we all have them!! Let’s start using them.

Pick up one of the books that you think has the most colour, randomly open the book to a page and challenge your imagination to jump into the image. I have a stunning Salvatore Ferragamo book, with a history of the delicious shoes. I opened the page on Dolores Del Rio and was able to jump in as her. Sitting on the ledge thinking how fabulous I look and feel, ‘Darling, where are my cigarettes?!’

The power of imagination with images

Now that you have jumped into the image, try changing the scenario and make it funny.

For example in this one, you could imagine falling off backwards while trying to be the style queen! Or have you seen someone just walk into a light stand in the background as they are so mesmerised by you? The possibilities are endless!

Incorporating humour into your imagination can help you become more playful and lighthearted. It can also help you let go of stress and negativity, allowing you to think more freely and creatively.

In summary

Imagination is a powerful tool for personal growth and creative expansion. Once we can dream and imagine something in our minds we can start making it a reality.

Embrace colour, pick up the virtual goggles or jump into an image.

The more you use your imagination, the more the muscle memory will kick in.

You are the Creative Director, you get to design, you get to decide.

Go forth!


This blog has been created and designed to inspire you to Become the Creative Director of your life.

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Forever evolving and creating,

Leina x

Leina Broughton

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