Where are you now?

Where are you now?

Before you start jumping into the future we need to take a moment to get a birds eye view of where we are now. In order to work out the gap you need to know the beginning and the future points, we’ll come back to the future in another blog, lots to unpack there!

Step 1: Schedule the time.

Having the ability to look from the outside in, you need to allocate the time to have a free and nonjudgemental hat on. Switch off all your devices, grab some paper and get ready to look objectively from the outside in, ideally you need 45mins.

This should be something you do each month so why not go ahead and book them in now.

Step 2: What are you doing well?

Just like if you were giving a staff member feedback, always start with the positive. What are you doing well? This can be small daily routines or perhaps some wins you've had so far.

Are your clients happy? Have you gained some insights around your finances? Have you improved in certain areas? Write it down.

Step 3: What needs improvement?

Before you start beating yourself up. Imagine you were helping out someone else with their business. What can you notice? Where is one area that you avoid spending time in? Why?

What keeps acting as a barrier in your routine? Is it sales? Is it closing a deal? Is it book keeping or social media?

Step 4: Do you have a clearly defined customer?

The more specific you can become with defining your customer, the easier business becomes. All of a sudden your message, your offer, your targeting drops into a space of making sense. You are NOT for everyone, why would you want to be?

Step 5: How much money are you making?

Purpose and vision in a business is important but the most important aspect is making money. Without revenue we can not live out our dreams or start to help others.

Are you where you thought you would be? Reflect.


Remember that learning and reading means NOTHING if there is no action attached. Look at the list that you have made. Write down one key thing you can do to improve this month, one way that you can define your customer more, one thing that you can do to make more money.

Add that list to next months reflection spot you have already allocated in step 1, of course you did it, right?

Be the Leader of change in your life, start now.

Thank you in advance for sharing this article with someone you think can benefit from it ❤️

Leina x

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